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We focus on identifying, evaluating, and acquiring commercial real estate properties, specifically multi-family apartments and shopping centers, for passive income generation with stable, long-term growth potential.

Strip Malls


Diversification: Shopping centers typically have multiple tenants with varying lease terms, which helps to spread out the risk of vacancy.


Attractiveness to tenants: Shopping centers are often located in high-traffic areas with easy access, which can make them attractive to tenants and help to maintain occupancy rates.


Potential for appreciation: As the economy grows and consumer spending increases, the value of shopping centers may appreciate over time.




Lower risk: Multiple units spread the risk of vacancy among tenants. This reduces the impact of a single tenant leaving and not paying rent.


Economies of scale: Multi-family apartments offer economies of scale in terms of maintenance and repairs. This can help to reduce costs and increase profitability.


Potential for appreciation: As the population grows and the demand for housing increases, the value of multi-family apartments may appreciate over time.


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